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Email маркетинг

В каталоге представлен ТОП сервисов , для каждого сервиса или приложения доступны отзывы, описания и возможные интеграции. Упростите рутинную работу по интеграции с помощью Albato.

Instantly helps you scale your outreach campaigns through unlimited email sending accounts, unlimited warmup, and smart AI.

MailChimp — сервис для массовых email рассылок.

SendFox is the most affordable newsletter solution on the planet. Start with our free plan — and only pay for features when you're ready\n\nExperience seamless integration and automation with SendFox on Albato, the most affordable newsletter solution available. Connect SendFox effortlessly to your favorite apps, streamlining your email marketing campaigns and contact management. With available actions such as Unsubscribe Contact, Create Contact, and Create List, automate tasks and enhance your marketing efficiency. Get real-time access to campaign and subscriber information through actions like Gets Campaign by ID, Gets a List by ID, and Gets a Contact by ID. Boost your email marketing strategy and stay organized by connecting SendFox with Albato.

Export email events and export contact details of prospect that have triggered a tracking event from outreach campaigns at MailRush.io\n\nEnhance your email marketing with MailRush.io's integration and automation capabilities on Albato. Effortlessly connect MailRush.io with your favorite apps to streamline your outreach campaigns and export contact details. With available triggers such as Prospect replies email, Prospect opens email, and Prospect clicks email, you can easily automate tasks and stay organized. Enhance your email campaigns by adding subscribers to a campaign or list with MailRush.io's action feature. Boost your productivity and efficiency by connecting MailRush.io with Albato today.

Rasa.io senders have seen an increase live and online events, engagement in online

Useinbox is a cloud-based email marketing platform. It is designed to offer an advanced automation and reporting system.

Drive sustainable business growth by expanding your reach, lowering hard bounces, and improving deliverability rates. Boost your sales and marketing efforts with Clearout email finder & email validation services.\n\nEnhance your email marketing strategy with Clearout's integration on Albato. Enhance your sales and outreach efforts by automating and streamlining email validation processes. Connect Clearout with your favorite apps to improve deliverability rates, lower hard bounces, and expand your reach. With available actions like Role Account Verify, Free Account Verify, and Business Account Verify, you can effortlessly ensure the quality of your mailing lists. Discover the power of Clearout's email finder and validation services when you connect it with Albato.

Constant Contact can help grow your business with an email marketing tool that’s affordable, powerful, and easy to use.

Streamline your emailing and boost your sales with Mailjet. We serve all your email and SMS needs with one simple and powerful service.\n\nEnhance your email marketing and drive sales growth with Mailjet's integration on Albato. Connect Mailjet with your favorite apps to automate and streamline your email and SMS campaigns. With triggers like Unsub event, Spam event, Sent event, Open event, Click event, Bounce event, and Blocked event, you can efficiently manage your email performance and audience engagement. Harness the power of actions such as Update Contact Properties, Subscribe/Unsubscribe Contact to contact list, Send Email, and Create contact for seamless automation and enhanced connectivity. Empower your business processes by integrating Mailjet with Albato today.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform. Powered by data, built for ecommerce and web businesses.

Parallel helps professionals collect and organize the information from their clients with its email and checklists automation platform and form-like client portal.\n\nAutomate and streamline your client communication with Parallel's integration on Albato. Connect Parallel to your favorite apps and enhance your email and checklist automation processes. With triggers like Parallel created and completed, you can efficiently organize information from clients and automate tasks. Actions such as sending a parallel by contact's email and creating a parallel allow you to manage your client portal with ease. Boost your productivity and simplify your workflows by integrating Parallel with Albato.

Acumbamail is the tool that allows you to manage your email marketing and SMS deliveries, and publish landing pages for your campaigns.

Selzy - это платформа для маркетинга по электронной почте без кода. Запустите свою первую кампанию по электронной почте за 15 минут и увеличьте свои продажи. Отслеживайте статистику. Проведите A/B-тесты. Автоматизируйте кампании.

AWeber is a simplified online tool for Email marketing. He can not only keep a subscriber base, but also convert blog posts into mailing lists (from RSS feeds). Segmentation of subscribers is available, acceleration of the creation of emails with a variety of HTML templates, as well as instant responses using autoresponders.\n\nEnhance your email marketing with AWeber's seamless integration and automation on Albato. Effortlessly connect AWeber to your favorite apps for subscriber management, content conversion, and more. With triggers like Subscriber subscribed and Subscriber unsubscribed, you can easily automate tasks and stay organized. Actions such as Add subscriber or Update subscriber by ID, and Update subscriber by email enhance your email campaigns and streamline your marketing efforts. Boost your productivity and efficiency by integrating AWeber with Albato.

Unisender Go - встраиваемый email-транспорт для бизнеса от Unisender. Только отправка email и статистика, ничего лишнего

Российский сервис маркетинговых рассылок

Reverse Contact uses its own proprietary OSINT algorithms and servers to find, test, and verify all data. No databases are used for the contact enrichment process. A simple and powerful reverse email lookup to boost your lead data knowledge

Boost business efficiency by automating manual tasks. Reoon provides the best software solutions and professional tools to support your business.

ZagoMail is a cutting-edge email marketing platform that empowers businesses and organizations to create, manage, and optimize their email marketing campaigns with ease. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of powerful features, ZagoMail helps users design visually stunning email templates, segment their email lists for precise targeting, and track the performance of their email campaigns in real-time. ZagoMail offers a robust set of tools for automating email marketing, enabling businesses to send personalized and relevant content to their subscribers, thereby enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Its analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into email campaign performance, allowing users to make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies. Furthermore, ZagoMail places a strong emphasis on data security and compliance, ensuring that email marketing efforts adhere to relevant regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM. With ZagoMail, businesses can efficiently reach their target audience, build customer relationships, and achieve their marketing goals through the power of email.

Mailercloud is a comprehensive email marketing platform designed to streamline and optimize your email campaigns. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, Mailercloud enables businesses and organizations to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns with ease. It offers tools for email list management, customizable templates, A/B testing, and detailed analytics, making it easier to reach your target audience and measure the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Whether you're a small business owner or a marketing professional, Mailercloud can help you connect with your customers and drive engagement through well-crafted email campaigns.

Closum is a inbound marketing platform, focused on small and medium companies to do their own landing pages, newsletters and send sms marketing in a simple way.

Dashamail – Сервис email-рассылки писем в России

Expertsender — профессиональная платформа автоматизации маркетинга.

Интеграция с SendPulse позволяет создавать новый контакт и передавать переменные в адресные книги для Emai-рассылок и чат-ботов. Из SendPulse отправлять информацию по: новым подписчикам, открытии писем, переходам по ссылкам в письмах, пометке о спаме и другое.

Unisender — Платформа для email и sms-рассылок. Позволяет построить полноценный email маркетинг.

SendBox — сервис Mail.ru для создания email рассылок, sms рассылок, push уведомлений и транзакционных писем.

GetResponse – это сервис для Email маркетинга.

Falconsender – сервис email-рассылок, предлагающий широкую гамму инструментов для эффективной рассылки писем.

Сервис email-рассылок MassDelivery - профессиональный инструмент для рассылки писем.

eSputnik — Многоканальная система автоматизации маркетинга для B2C. Специализированные решения для крупных eCommerce и Marketplace.

Интеграция с Mindbox позволяет автоматически загружать сегменты с аудиторией и их в рекламные аккаунты в Яндексе.Аудитория, Facebook Audiences и Google Ads.

Lemlist - это универсальная программа автоматизации продаж и холодной электронной почты. В Albato вы можете управлять подписками и лидами в кампаниях

Convertkit - сервис для автоматизации интернет-маркетинга. Интеграция позволяет добавлять новых подписчиков в форме, присваивать и удалять тэги, создавать покупки при наступлении событий в других сервисах.

E-goi — это платформа автоматизации многоканального маркетинга, включая сервисы электронного маркетинга, SMS-сообщения, голосовую рассылку, push-уведомления, push-уведомления в браузере и формы для захвата, автоматизацию, коммуникацию, анализ и наращивание продаж. С помощью этого коннектора пользователи могут добавлять и обновлять контакты, прикладывать теги и отправлять SMS-сообщения о транзакциях.

NotiSend - сервис для массовые email рассылок. SMS рассылки, Push уведомления для сайта

Estismail - сервис email маркетинга. Автоматические email рассылки, конструктор Landing Page и E-commerce в едином сервисе

Платформа для профессионального email маркетинга.

Eadesk — инструмент для совместной работы с входящими обращениями клиентов из мессенджеров, социальных сетей, почты и телефонии.

EnKod - Мультиканальная российская CDP платформа. В ней можно автоматизировать коммуникации с клиентами, собирать базу подписчиков, отправлять триггерные email-рассылки, настраивать товарные рекомендации на сайте, в письмах или в приложении.

Sendsay — это сервис email- и sms-маркетинга, который позволяет работать прицельно по клиентской базе с механизмами сегментации. С помощью Альбато можно создавать, удалять подписчиков, объединять их учетные записи.

Sales.Rocks - это платформа для продаж и маркетинга, основанная на данных. В Albato вы можете генерировать email адреса, искать контакты в Linkedin и т.д.

Moosend — это облачный инструмент для маркетинга и автоматизации электронной почты. Интеграция с Albato поможет вам создавать рассылки, подписчиков, кампании, получать данные о новых подписчиках и отписавшихся и т.д.

Zoho Mail is a collaborative business communication platform for the modern workforce. It is a blend of classic email and the modern collaboration tools using comments, likes and sharing.

Mailganer — платформа для профессионального имейл маркетинга с триггерами для интернет-магазинов, расширенной сегментацией и бесплатной экспресс-валидацией имейлов.
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